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Explore the magnificence of the Himalayas in a day! Yes, it is possible in the reality. Helicopter tour to the Himalayan marvels is the best way to explore the majestic mountains in a day. If you do not have enough time to trek all the way to the Himalaya or do not really want to trek that long into the wilderness of mountains but have a strong desire to explore and enjoy the beauty of those fabulous mountain peaks, a tour on a chartered helicopter is the best option you can go for.

Be it your family trip or just yourself with friends, you can enjoy the mountains spending few memorable moments in the mountains. This tour is ideal for the travellers with less time to explore the mountain wonders on foot; to those with children and other people who think that itís too much walking into the mountains but yet want to admire them from close. While you are on a helicopter tour, the mountains are just within an hourís reach and you will be at the marvelous surroundings of mountains.

Join these amazing helicopter private day tours to your desired region of the mountains Ė from Everest to Annapurna and from Langtang to Muktinath in Mustang. Just a few hours and you can immerse completely into a different world where you experience some unearthly views, serenity and magnificence. You can experience the luxury exploration of the mountains while on this trip.

You safety is well taken care of on these flights. As you gain a huge change in elevation, you might feel short of breath for a while but there is a cylinder of oxygen for each passenger available on the helicopter. So, you can simply enjoy the helicopter mountain exploration and relish on mountain breakfast with magical views.

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Helicopter Private Day Tours Outline Itinerary

  • Helicopter day tour starts from Kathmandu airport at 7:00 am and it last from 1:30 - 5 hrs depending on the group requirements

Discover the Mount Everest

Everest Helicopter Flight is the adventure flight of life time to experience the magnificence of Everest region. This flight takes off from Kathmandu airport and heads towards the Everest region. A helicopter can carry 5 people and the journey has the first stopover at Lukla to refuel the helicopter. It, then, flies higher and goes to Syangboche for another stopover. From Syangboche above, the helicopter can take only three people at a time given the increasing elevation and wind pressure. Those who wait at Syangboche can relish on breakfast with the view of Mt. Everest and other mountains as long as other people go to the base camp and return back. The helicopter flies again to the base camp with the second group. Finally, once the Everest Base Camp exploration trip finishes, it flies back to Kathmandu via Lukla.

This incredible Everest Helicopter tour allows adventurers to be closer to the Everest almost in no time yet get an experience of life time. This is truly a worth trip to go for. You will have wonderful and memorable Everest moments and trip experience to cherish for life.

Duration: 03:00 Hours
Number of Passenger: 05
Cost: US$4500

Muktinath Tour - Pilgrimage to Muktinath

Muktinath is a sacred and spiritual pilgrimage destination amidst marvelous mountains is the Mustang region. Muktinath Helicopeter Tour allows people to go on a pilgrimage tour of this sacred site. As the legends and beliefs go, a mere visit to Muktinath temple and taking a holy bath in the water fountains there washes all sins and impurities from life and we can achieve the Moksha or Nirvana or spiritual salvation.

This helicopter tour is ideal for Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims and also for the spiritual people who want to explore the place and feel the sacred spiritual energy prevalent there. While on the flight you can enjoy views of several different mountain ranges from Langtang to Dhaulagiri including Manaslu and Annapurna. The total tour is of about three hours from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. You will have enough time to pray, cleanse bathe and walk around in Muktinath.

Duration: 3 hrs approx
Number of Passenger: 05
Cost: US$ 3000

Langtang Heli Tour

Langtang region of the Himalayas is one of the most picturesque regions in Nepal. And touring the area by a helicopter flight is a lofty idea. The flight takes off from Kathmandu airport and flies towards the Langtang region that is the nearest reachable mountain region from the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu. The majestic flight lands at Kyanjing Gompa at the elevation of around 3,870 meters above sea level. You can spend some memorable moments at Kyanjing Gompa; explore around; take pictures and relish on breakfast before flying back to Kathmandu.

This helicopter tour is again for the people with less time to explore all the wonders of Langtang region on foot. The tour is also ideal for people who want to avoid long day walk for several days yet still want to be in the mountains to enjoy and admire the magical beauty that mountains possess.

Duration: 2 Hours
Number of Passenger: 05 pax
Cost: US$ 3,000
Important Notice

All conditions stated in the above Itinerary are for the guests who prefer full package trip. At the same time, we also serve you based on your choice. Above holiday itinerary can be customized as our guest specific requirements and can make Shorter and Longer. We design your holidays accordingly.

The above itineraries are subject to change due to condition beyond our control. This is a Guideline showing tentative night stops. Physical, Technical and Natural condition may change this above itineraries.

Helicopter Private Day Tours Cost Includes

  • Helicopter Cost with Pilot.
  • Private transportation on day tour.
  • English speaking tour guide with all expences.

Helicopter Private Day Tours Cost Excludes

  • Bar bills (Coke, mineral water, hard or soft drinks)
  • Personal expenses
  • Donation or tips
  • Emergency evacuation for the Rescue.
  • Personal equipment and Medical kid box

Helicopter Private Day Tours Departures Spring/Autumn 2022/2023

Cost Facts [+]

Helicopter Private Day Tours Cost Facts

  • The above tour Itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern. This tour can be modified according to your time and requirements.
  • Cost & Departures Dates will change according to your NEED, GROUP SIZE and TIME.
  • The tour Itinerary may be changed after understanding by both agency and client. Additional activities could be added or reduce as per client's request before confirming the trip.
  • Price for reduced touring activities could be deducted and additional activities could be added as per mutual understanding.
  • For these reasons the same tour can be HIGHER and LOWER Price.
  • We offer you the best price guaranteed for Helicopter Private Day Tours Tours.



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Responsible Travel

A proper VISA to enter and stay in Nepal is a must. There are reported cases when travelers are advised non-requirement of Nepal VISA by their travel agents. Practically every foreign national requires VISA to enter these countries. Do not encourage beggars. Don't trust strangers with money. Trust your hotel, but not people you may bump into on the streets. It is advisable to cover yourself with travel insurance for thefts, loss and medi-claim. Carry proper maps of the places proposed to visit in Nepal, as signboards are often absent. Try to reach a station during daytime if traveling on your own. In any case avoid persistent touts and taxi-drivers at airport/stations/bus stand to help you find your hotel. Always use tourist assistance desk for proper advice. Women traveling alone in certain deserted places should avoid walking at odd hours. While changing money, insist on getting encashment certificate. Do not checkout of the hotel in hurry. While checking out it has been noticed in some hotels, the extras are unreasonably charged which the guest hurriedly pays without cross-checking. Do not leave your cash and valuables in your hotel rooms. Keep your cash divided in different pockets. Take care of proper disposal of your rubbish always whether you are exploring Cities, Himalayas or anywhere else. Always use strong suitcases/baggage, as mishandling is common at airports/stations. Don't tip unreasonably and unnecessarily in a hotel. The NEWS soon spreads in the hotel and by the time you checkout there will be a group of them saluting you to expect something. Most of the monuments give very good discount for students from all over the world. They must carry there valid school identity card.

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Tour Cost:US$ 4,500.00 Per/person

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