Druk Path Trek

Druk Path trek Leads to the most beautiful high altitude lake

Druk Path Trek

This eight day trek passes through some of Bhutan's most beautiful high altitude lakes. The route begins in Paro and ends in Thimphu, at its highest point it crosses an altitude of 3800m. This is one of the most popular trekking routes in Bhutan. It gives you excellent views of the snow capped peaks, the lush valleys and takes you through dense forests. This is a camping trek and it gives you the chance to get in touch with rural Bhutan.

The Druk path trek in Bhutan is a moderately tough 6 day trek in Bhutan starting from Paro to Thimphu or vice versa and is the most popular of all Bhutan treks. The trek leads up to altitudes above 4,000m, however walking distances between the camps are not too long. This trek will take you through thick alpine jungles, beautiful pine trees, various rhododendron trees and spectacular lakes. Incredible views of valleys, lakes, green Himalayan mountains and Himalayan snow capped mountains are the order of the days throughout the trek. You will also see some of the mighty Himalayan ranges like the Gangkar Phuensum, and mount Jhomolhari. Being on top of the mountain, sunsets and sunrises are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. Apart from the lakes, Phadjoding monastery and the view from there is one of the highlights of this trek. The Lonely Planet describes the Druk Path Trek as One of the most scenic and popular treks in Bhutan, following a wilderness trail past several remote lakes. Although it is a short trek, it still goes to a high altitude making it moderately strenuous.

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Druk Path Trek Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival at Paro International Airport, Transfer to Hotel.
    Your first glimpse of Bhutan.

    On arrival at the Paro International Airport you will be welcomed by your tour guide and driver. Check into your hotel and after a brief rest, start your magical experience of Bhutan by first visiting the impressive Rinpung Dzong/Fortress of Heaped Jewels, a fine example of the ostentatious Bhutanese art and architecture. The Dzong is located in the heart of the town and a few minutes walk through Nyimazam, one of the few last remaining traditional cantilever bridges in Bhutan. Dzongs serve as a monastic institution and as district administrative office.

    Located above the Dzong is the National Museum that houses various antiques and artifacts of Bhutan and provides a glimpse into Bhutans rich cultural and religious history.

    Visit the 3 storied Dungtse Lhakhang/temple, built in the mid 1430s by Thangtong Gyelpo, the iron bridge builder, to subdue a demon and the temple is firmly chained to the ground. The three floors of the temple represent hell, heaven and earth and house some of the finest murals in Bhutan. In the evening, visit a traditional farmhouse replete with paddy fields, vegetable garden and farm animals. Enjoy a hot stone bath in a wooden tub, get some cooking tips and help in preparing your dinner which you will eat in the traditional Bhutanese style with the whole family.

  • Day 02: Paro - Jili Dzong(3,480m), Camp

    You will start the first day of the trek from the Ta Dzong (National Museum) in Paro. The trek will take you through blue pine and fir forests. Once you reach the ridge below Jili Dzong you descend about 100m to the campsite below Jili Dzong

  • Day 03: Jili Dzong - Jangchulakha(3,770m), Camp

    The trail takes you through thick alpine forest and beautiful dwarf rhododendron tress. You may see yaks and yak herders around your campsite, Walking Distance : 10 KM (4-5 hours walk)

  • Day 04: Jangchulakha - Jimilang Tsho Lake(3,870m), Camp

    The trail follows the ridge and view of the mountains and valleys are beautiful. The campsite is close to the Jimilang Tsho Lake. The lake is known for its giant sized trout and if you wish, you may fish a trout or two for dinner and ofcourse with prior permission and approval from the concerned agencies. Walking Distance: 10 KM (4-5 hours walk)

  • Day 05: Jimilang Tsho Lake - Simkotra TshoLake(4,110m), Camp

    The trail takes you through dwarf rhododendron trees and Janetso Lake. You may come across some yak herder's camps and may take some time to acquaint yourself on the life of the Nomad people. The campsite is close to Simkotra Tsho Lake. Walking Distance: 11 KM (4 hours Walk)

  • Day 06: Simkotra Tsho - Phajoding(3,770m), Camp

    The trek begins with a gradual climb. On a clear day, you will have a spectacular view of Mount Gangkar Puensum, the highest mountain in Bhutan (and the highest unclimbed in the world) and other Himalayan peaks. The campsite is above Phadjoding Monastery. Walking Distance: 10 KM (4 hours walk)

  • Day 07: Phajoding - Mothitang(3,770m), Hotel

    This is the last day of the trek. Watching the sunrise from Phajoding is a treat in itself. The walk downhill to Thimphu valley , at a leisurely pace, takes about three hours through blue pine and rhododendron. Walking Distance: 10 KM (3 hours walk)

  • Day 08: Drive to Paro/Final Departure

    After breakfast drive to Paro International Airport where your guide and driver will bid you farewell and hope you had a pleasant holiday and hope to see you in Bhutan again.

Important Notice

All conditions stated in the above Itinerary are for the guests who prefer full package trip. At the same time, we also serve you based on your choice. Above holiday itinerary can be customized as our guest specific requirements and can make Shorter and Longer. We design your holidays accordingly.

The above itineraries are subject to change due to condition beyond our control. This is a Guideline showing tentative night stops. Physical, Technical and Natural condition may change this above itineraries.

Druk Path Trek Cost Includes

  • Includes one day hike to Tiger's Nest, local sight seeing in Paro to acclimatize and one day local tour in Thimphu after the trek
  • Includes USD 40 as VISA Fee
  • Of the above cost, USD 520.00 per person is the Royalty that goes for free education and health care for the citizens of Bhutan and tourist alike
  • All three meals during the Trek
  • One Trekking Expeditions Leader
  • Adequate horsemen and helpers
  • First Aid Box and other medical kit
  • Good Quality accommodation throughout. The use of a world expedition trek pack which includes a quality sleeping bag, and insulated mat
  • All Park entrance Fees and Trekking Permits
  • Necessary airport/ hotel/ airport transfers, cultural shows for bhutan trek.
  • Horses to carry 20 Kgs personal equipment

Druk Path Trek Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare
  • Alcohol
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Cost arising out of Flight Cancellation/road blockades/ landslides and events beyond our control
  • Expenses of personal nature and any other expenses not mentioned in the above cost

Druk Path Trek Departures Spring/Autumn 2022/2023

Cost Facts [+]

Druk Path Trek Cost Facts

  • The above trekking Itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern. This trek can be modified according to your time and requirements.
  • Cost & Departures Dates will change according to your NEED, GROUP SIZE and TIME.
  • The trek Itinerary may be changed after understanding by both agency and client. Additional activities could be added or reduce as per client's request before confirming the trip.
  • Price for reduced hiking activities could be deducted and additional activities could be added as per mutual understanding.
  • The Trekking Cost also affect the number of guides and porters.
  • For these reasons the same trek can be HIGHER and LOWER Price.
  • We offer you the best price guaranteed for Druk Path Trek.



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Other Heighlights of Tour

  • Included quality wining and dining : a welcome reception with drinks at every hotels of your stay.
  • Welcoming Dinner.
  • Throughout your holiday to Bhutan, escorted by one of expert tour guide- your 'travelling concierge', expert guide, consummate facilitator and friend in a foreign land who ensures your journey is as enjoyable as possible.
  • Baggage handling everywhere on your tour.
  • Free Wi-Fi and internet in most of the hotel rooms and lobbies.
  • Enjoy the unique comfort of Luxury air conditioned SUV and coach with extended leg room.
  • Airport Transfers as per the scheduled flights.


The vehicles are all luxurious and air conditioned catering to the comforts of our guests as well as ensuring a smooth ride over the mountainous and winding roads of Bhutan. With high ride quality and extended legroom you can enjoy the beautiful landscape from the inside of our cars. We have Toyota SUVs, Hi Ace buses and coaster buses with carrying capacity of up to 30 people in one bus. Driven by experienced and licensed drivers we will make sure you enjoy your holiday to Bhutan and the comforts of our luxurious fleet of cars.

VISA to Bhutan

All tourists must obtain a visa clearance prior to travel to Bhutan. Visas are processed through an online system by your licensed Bhutanese tour operator, directly or through a foreign travel agent. You are required to send the photo-page of your passport to your tour operator who will then apply for your visa. The visa will be processed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) once the full payment of your holiday (including a USD $40 visa fee) has been wire transferred and received in the TCB bank account. Once received the visa clearance will be processed within 72 working hours. At your point of entry you will be required to show your visa clearance letter, the visa will then be stamped into your passport.

Social Considerations

Witnessing first hand a way of life so different to our own is an extraordinary experience and a precious opportunity. In doing so, we feel sure that you will have no wish to disturb or be an impact on the lives of the Bhutanese that you will visit.

always ask permission before taking photographs and respect people’s wishes if they’d prefer you not to. Whenever possible, it is good to take a postal address and follow through with sending the photographs back to the family. be complimentary about any food or drink you try. Do try everything offered if you possibly can. be patient. Sometimes things can happen at a slower pace in Bhutan than westerners are used to. dress appropriately covering your ankles and arms when visiting monasteries


Please do not give money, pens, or sweets to the local people in the communities we visit, as it can promote a 'begging culture'. It can create unequal relationships between tourist and visitor, with tourists being seen as purely 'givers', and it can also strip self esteem away from people when they get money for simply being poor rather than having to solve their own issues of poverty through community action. With sweets - local people may not have access to dentists, nor be able to afford them. Instead, please read the “Suggested Gift” section of our “Practicalities” document.

Shop Locally

Why not do as much of your Christmas shopping as possible in rural Bhutan! Any money you spend on artifacts in the countryside can have an impact on problematic rural-urban migration! Please also consider shopping ethically and not buying:

items derived from endangered species e.g. fur, ivory items where animals may have been treated cruelly

Environmental considerations

Use of water- Although it may not seem it, water can be a scarce commodity especially in the countryside where is has to be carried from the valley bottom, or brought in by truck or horse. keep your use of water to a minimum at all times in the countryside. Going without showers and running water in toilets is to be expected in some areas. hot water supply may be erratic – please be understanding of the difficulty involved in providing this service and use water conservatively bring your own water bottle - and we will provide a handmade bottle holder. Our vehicles normally have a 60 litre bottle of drinking water from which you can refill throughout your journey. Last year we estimate that we prevented 6000 plastic bottles being used and thrown away. Biodegradable products - Please bring and use biodegradable soap/washing products with you. Fires -Please do not to burn anything other than wood/dung on the stoves in the gers.

Respecting animal life/wildlife - We ask you to not

feed animals unless specifically asked to do so by the owner pursue or touch animals as they may get distressed pick flowers. Tour Leaders and local guides will provide a reference book where possible so clients can identify plants/birds in situ. touch or move fossils stroke dogs. Dogs outside/in gers can be aggressive. Stray dogs can carry rabies. -Electrical equipment - Turn off all electrical equipment and lights when not in use.

Litter and reduction of waste

Litter is a relatively new problem in Bhutan that comes with the wider availability of pre-packaged goods. The Tourist Authority of Bhutan ensures that all guides are environmentally aware. There are litter laws in Thimpu, enforcing fines on those who drop litter. We can help by minimising our use of resources in order to generate less waste and ensuring that waste is disposed of in the most effective way possible. We encourage you to:

avoid accepting plastic bags for everything in shops and reuse the ones you have (for litter collection etc). reduce the amount of packaging taken on tour as it is more effectively disposed of at home than on tour on camping tours, where possible, to use reusable food containers rather than foil or plastic bags and avoid using disposable plates, cups and cutlery dispose of litter responsibly compost food waste – if possible. Alternatively it should be carried until it can be put in a rubbish bin. take a plastic bag and collect a few pieces of litter and dispose of it at the end of the walk, leaving the environment cleaner than when you found it! We often initiate clean up walks. Your help on these is much appreciated. If camping please be sure to dig a deep latrine far from any water sources - and cover after use.

Visiting ancient/sacred sites

avoid climbing on ruins avoid touching religious objects walk around Buddhist monuments and temples in a clockwise direction.

All Inclusive Price

Tour Cost:US$ 2,150.00Per Person

Group Discount [+]

No of people

Price per person


US$ 2,800.00


US$ 2,660.00


US$ 2,585.00


US$ 2,370.00

Your holiday Your style

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